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So from here on out, I will be posting with another blogging site at my very own DOT COM website: heyyyy!!!

Please check it out! I’ve just posted a new (AWESOME) brownie recipe and have another post in the making to be up before the end of the week. You don’t want to miss them!

Thanks for reading, following, commenting, and in general for all of your interest. The baking continues at and will only get more fun from here.

I can’t wait, and I hope you enjoy reading and maybe even duplicating recipes as much as I have been.


the Young Idealistic Baker (dot com)



So, I haven’t baked anything new yet. I’m grocery shopping in an hour and baking ASAP.

A few updates though, so you’re not left wondering.

The website address will change — permanently — to I’m also going to be using a different hosting site so I doubt that typing in will automatically forward, but I will keep this site up with a link to the new site.

As far as new baking posts go, never fear! I have an idea for a slew of farmer’s market inspired dishes…Guess where I was this morning?

So, thanks for your patience and I will post a LINK to the blog site here as soon as I post my next recipe. The other site is already updated with all of the previous ones and can currently be found at and I will set it up to stand on its own ( as soon as the next post is published.

In the meantime, please check it out and let me know what you think. (content, look, etc) This new blog is desperate for some comments and  loving from readers!

Home Photography with a side of Baking

In addition to a better-equipped kitchen, baking at home offers another advantage to baking at school: the use of my dad’s digital SLR camera. While I love my pocket-sized camera, the SLR just does better with food. Using it, I get consistently clearer close-ups and better depth.

Before I went home last weekend, I asked my sister to make her recipe requests since we agreed to bake together. All she wanted was to replicate the Banana Oreo Muffins I posted a couple of weeks ago. Even though I wanted to try a new recipe using ingredients or baking ware that I don’t have easy (or free) access to at school, I decided to comply with my sister’s wish and asked my mom to buy bananas in advance so we’d have some nice mushy ones to work with. (For the full recipe, click the link.)

In between wedding festivities, my sister and I baked up a batch of muffins using the extremely ripe but never frozen bananas. As she obligingly mixed up the batter, I sliced up an extra banana to top the muffins. We also played with Oreo location again, splitting half of six Oreos into two pieces (one with cream and one without) and placing the cream topped half on the bottom and the other in the middle.

For the other six muffins, we placed full Oreos smack dab in the middle — I think these ones looked the best overall!

After the wedding festivities came to an end with brunch, I had time to play with dad’s camera and all of the props I could find in the house from my mom’s funky place settings to flowers brought home from the wedding Sunday night.

After a good 20 minutes of taking pictures of the muffins, I snapped a few of the cookie and M&M wedding party favors alongside the Florida Gators paraphernalia that my house has filled up with since my sister officially enrolled.

I always do my best to ensure my alma mater is well represented though — the introduction of Florida just adds a new element to the otherwise Big Ten dominated family rivalry (Michigan, Pennstate, and Wisconsin) that has been in effect since my first day as a Michigan Wolverine!

Back to the point. The bride and groom were both Gators and met while in school. Their school pride was well represented at the Rehearsal dinner in the form of party favors and again at the wedding in the form of a football helmet shaped cake.

Red Velvet!

The happy couple at their wedding

P.S. My blog moved! go to to see my new yummy recipes!

Children Mending Hearts

So I am still quite new to and figuring things out as I go. My newness to blogging actually parallels my novice status (“noob” if you hang around my UofM friends) as a baker and leaves me feeling utterly incompetent at the end of the day.

Ah, if only I hadn’t burnt that first batch of cupcakes I made earlier, maybe I’d be feeling better now.

But, no worries. Something good has also happened today (besides the second batch of cupcakes that will be highlighted soon!)

While playing around on my dashboard, I discovered a Widget called SocialVibe, which allows readers to help support a cause of my choice with the mere push of a button!

I decided on Children Mending Hearts, a great organization that connects kids worldwide through creative means and allows kids to stand up and help other kids who are living in poverty.

Read about it yourself and be sure to click the button to the right that says in really big print “CLICK HERE TO HELP FOR FREE”

It really is as easy as that!


During one of my visits home from college, I overheard my dad talking about me while on the phone with someone. In a rather dismissive tone, he replied to an unknown comment about me: “Yeah, you know… she’s just young and idealistic.”

This remark, which I took be meant as demeaning, stayed with me as I began to consider names for this blog. I wanted a name that would convey all the things I hoped this blog would become: an opportunity to make something, not only of myself, but for all of the under-represented social issues I had begun to care so strongly about. I envisioned a blog that would raise awareness of causes and lead to fantastic fundraising campaigns and financial contributions to organizations and individuals in need.

Those undeniably idealistic (and perhaps overly optimistic) dreams came together with my love of baking to make this blog. As hopeful as I am that something greater than baked goods will eventually stem from it, I am also extremely excited to try my hand at new recipes, decorating techniques, and food photography.